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AIMed Europe Drug Adherence Challenge

Ipsos and AIMed are partnering to tackle the problem of drug adherence. The AIMed Drug Adherence challenge ties together multiple sides of the medical industry, bringing together physicians, medtech companies and patients to better understand and problem-solve the industry wide problem of drug adherence.

Annual costs of medication non-adherence range from US$100 to U$290 billion (1) in the USA, €1.25 billion (2) in Europe and approximately $A7 billion (3&4) in Australia. 

The Adherence Challenge is an open challenge inviting submissions from technology companies with possible solutions to drug adherence to partake in a one-year study, where they undergo an independent technology review, receive mentorship from practicing Clinicians and test their technology, first-hand among a select group of patients. 

AIMed will also assemble an ethics committee of medical and healthcare experts to oversee this challenge and provide advisory and expert guidance throughout the one-year challenge.

Ultimately, Ipsos and AIMed seek to produce an independent, comprehensive, data-driven report designed to help move the field forward in the global problem of drug adherence.
“Technology potentially offers a scalable solution for behaviour change solutions in patient medicine adherence. We believe that behavioural science has an important role to play in developing adherence solutions and we are excited to explore the innovative ways this can be developed and offered at scale,” said
Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science, Ipsos.
A call for technology companies and ethics board members is now open. If you're interest in joining our ethics committee, our team of mentoring medical professionals, or think your technology could help us tackle the problem, please submit your details to the right.


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